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Shahrar has been a terrific Green Party Deputy Leader, so I’m really glad he is standing for election to continue in the role. Shahrar works incredibly hard for the party and provides a powerful public face for us, as well as offering support internally to local parties and newer members. He has a knack of effectively combining radical Green politics with tact and diplomacy towards those with differing views. I’m continuing to learn from him!
— Dee Searle, GPEx Publications Officer
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I support Shahrar Ali for deputy because I believe he brings a robust and intelligent voice to the climate change platform. As a forthright speaker and long time campaigner for social justice, Shahrar has been a good friend of Wales, and a dazzling ambassador for Green politics across these islands.
— Pippa Bartolotti, Former Leader, Wales Green Party
I am very happy to support Shahrar Ali in his bid to continue as Deputy Leader of the Green Party

Shahrar continues to add energy, valuable analysis and increased visibility to the Green Party’s national leadership team. He continues to speak out with passion and with clarity on so many key issues affecting our world.

He also continues to help the party look at itself honestly in terms of BME under representation and inclusion within our Party. He is helping us to raise our game and drive towards achieving a more reflective and balanced demographic among new members attracted to our cause.

The new Green Party Leadership team, whatever the outcome of the parallel vote for Leader will be much stronger with Shahrar Ali within it’s ranks as deputy.
— Tony Clarke, Northampton Green Party
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I first met Shahrar when he came to Birmingham to help us launch our local party manifesto. Shahrar gave a galvanising speech about the Green Party, who we are, what we stand for, and how to communicate that effectively to others, I was impressed. I’ve seen him give speeches at Green Party conferences and various protests. Even though he’s London-based he gets around the country.

It’s not simply because of Shahrar Ali’s name or the colour of his skin that I think we should re-elect him, but because I think he has the potential to become one of the greatest catalysts for inspiring a generation of BAME citizens to join the party, to be our future elected representatives, and to help us be the diverse party we should always aim to be.
— Joe Belcher, Birmingham Green Party
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I’ve witnessed Shahrar deliver a powerful speech, handle a delicate situation where tensions were high, and be happy to sit on the grass and chat with people at Bristol Pride. It seems to me that he is an important asset to the Green Party and I would like to see him re-elected as Deputy Leader.
— Deb Joffe, Former Bristol City Councillor
I am always engaged when I hear Shahrar speak, he’s brave and has exciting , leadership qualities rare in the Green Party at the moment.

His ‘You Only Need to be Green’ speech to the Green Party was just what that group of predominantly white middle class needed to be hearing, and his performances on national media are always strong and worth tuning in for. The Green Party needs someone with Shahrar’s determination, eloquence and his ability to inspire, to stand out and be noticed.
— Dr Fuad Ali